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Our Services

Capital Financial Planning is a financial services firm devoted to providing the highest quality products and services to business entities, public institutions and individuals based in Iowa and throughout the nation.

We help coordinate all aspects of our clients financial lives, including budgeting, cash management, debt management, investment management, risk management and strategic planning.


To help you manage your current and future cash flow needs, from your working years through retirement.

Cash Management:

To make sure you have cash when you need it to meet short-term goals, as well as your ongoing income needs.

Debt Management:

To assist in evaluating and advising on the proper timing to pay down or pay off debt in order to meet other short and long term goals.


Investment Management:

To provide with a well-diversified investment strategy tailored to your individual needs. This strategy is monitored regularly and adjusted as your needs and goals change.

Risk Management:

To help your evaluate your risks, both during your working years and after you retire. Recommending appropriate strategies for the protections of your assets, income and needs of your loved ones in the event of a disability or premature death.

Strategic Planning:

Coordinating and integrating with your attorney(s), CPA and key decision makers to maximize efficiency.

For our corporate clients, we advise them on all different types of benefit programs and qualified plans for their employees, including customized carve-out programs for senior executives.