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Our Process

Our process focuses on providing personalized, thoughtfully constructed strategies that are unique to each client’s needs. At Capital Financial Planning, we take the time to understand your personal, professional, and financial situation on a meaningful level. By identifying goals and objectives, we help create an actionable, measurable roadmap to financial success. Through our strategic partnerships and competitive industry insights, our clients have access to world-class financial institutions. Capital Financial Planning is continually committed to helping our clients succeed, while providing an exceptional level of service that can only be delivered by a boutique firm.

Discovery meeting:

The ‘getting to know you’ stage of our process. We get to know you and you get to know us.


Our firm analyzes what we have learned about you, and researches solutions.


The plan is implemented based on the design. We coordinate with your other professionals.


We put together a communication plan for ongoing strategies.

Our planning process helps ensure that your financial world is organized, easy to understand and always accessible to you.

*The financial planning process ends with the delivery of the plan and you are free to implement the plan with our team, or whomever you choose.