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Firm's Philosophy

Capital Financial Planning believes feeling good about your finances is part of feeling good about life. The world around us is continually changing at a rapid pace. Our firm provides unbiased advice with no cooperate agenda, sales goals or conflicts of interest. 

The traditional investment approach is reactive in nature, chasing higher returns and attempting to beat the market. Goal accomplishment shifts the focus to your personal financial goals, and helps you achieve what is truly important.

Many of us have been turned off by “the sales pitch”. We understand that no two people have the same financial situation or decision-making process. We focus on your unique goals, providing a customized financial plan that meets your needs.

The push from fear and the pull of greed has left many Americans financially insecure. By instilling a clear vision of what you value most, we help you establish a solid financial foundation that results in peace of mind.

Many investors are left making important financial decisions by themselves or with advice from various individual professionals. We believe that the best plans are developed as a team, with every area of your financial world functioning together. This means that all of the financial professionals in your life are on the same page and working toward the same vision.

Traditional advisors tend to help diversify your investments from a risk perspective, but fall short when taking financial planning to the next level. Economic diversification focuses not only on your risk, but also tax diversification and the ability to leverage your investment portfolio, particularly when income is needed.